Danilo Silva – Projects

Active projects

  • Out-of-distribution detection applied to medical images (2020–)

  • Brain age prediction using deep learning (2020–)

  • Brain tumor segmentation using convolutional networks (2020–)

  • Semi-supervised learning for medical image classification (2020–)

  • Change detection for high-resolution SAR images using convolutional networks (2020–)
    [tcc] [paper]

  • Neural network decoding of short-length channel codes (2019–)

Recent past projects

  • Grantless and grant-based massive random access (2018–2020)
    [thesis] [paper] [paper]

  • Deep learning for multi-label classification of medical texts (2019–2020)
    [tcc] [paper]

  • Deep convolutional networks for the detection of masses in mammography exams (2018–2019)
    [tcc] [paper]